Subgurim SiteMap

Newest version: 1.0 (2/9/2007)

What's the sitemap protocol?
Following the Sitemaps protocol, the webmaster will provide the crawlers with the URLS of all pages contained in your website. The control also encodes the last modification date, the change frequency and its priority.
Crawlers love having a site map provided because they can easily check a sitemap to see if any pages have changed since the previous crawl. This saves you and the crawler bandwidth and processing power. It is win-win.
Most people will create a sitemap by hand and update it as they add new pages. This is fine for a small blog but not for a portal that has several hundred dynamic pages being generated everyday!

What's the SubgurimSiteMap?
With the subgurim SiteMap, your website will have the xml sitemap generated dynamically with no input on your end, You simply install following our easy instructions, configure default values like last changed date if not available! It is really that easy.
Furthemore, the difference between us and other SiteMap generators are:
  • This is an opensource project.
  • Our SiteMap File will grow up step by step.
  • The performance cost is very negligable.
  • It works equally well on shared or dedicated hosting environments.
  • It accepts dynamic URL's just as easy as static URL's with no additional work on your end.
Take a look your self checking our own SiteMap